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Chemical Compound Review

Alzhemed     3-aminopropane-1-sulfonic acid

Synonyms: Cerebril, Homotaurine, Tramiprosat, Tramiprosate, PubChem18251, ...
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  • Role of K+ -channels in homotaurine-induced analgesia [19].
  • The results have been compared with a control group of 36 rats that received water during the treatment phase of the experiment, and the 14th day received intraperitoneal muscimol or homotaurine [5].
  • CGP 35348 (50-200 mg/kg IP), a highly selective GABA(B) antagonist, was administered prior to carrying out a dose-response curve of homotaurine (22.6-445 mg/kg IP) antinociceptive effect in the abdominal constriction (mice) and tail flick (rats) tests [20].
  • Promising findings for the efficacy of tramiprosate, indicated by improvement or stabilization of cognitive function, have been shown in phase II clinical trials and open-label extensions of these studies [7].
  • Uptake, autoradiography and release of taurine and homotaurine from retinal tissue [21].


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