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Chemical Compound Review

CCRIS 7885     iron(+3) cation trisulfate

Synonyms: FERRIC SULFATE, CHEBI:53438, F0638_SIGMA, F1135_SIGMA, HSDB 6311, ...
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  • The growth-inhibitory activity to C. albicans was detected in sera from the immunized mice, and was inhibited by the addition of anti-transferrin antibody or ferric sulfate [18].
  • METHODS: The PICOT statement was: (P) In human carious primary molars with reversible coronal pulpitis, (I) does a pulpotomy performed with ferric sulfate, (C) compared with formocresol, (O) result in dinical/radiographic success, (T) in time periods up to exfoliation [2]?

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ferric sesquisulfate


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