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Chemical Compound Review

Cleboril     4-amino-N-(1-benzyl-4- piperidyl)-5-chloro...

Synonyms: Cleboprida, Clebopride, Clebopridum, Cleboril (TN), SureCN25710, ...
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Disease relevance of Clebopride


Psychiatry related information on Clebopride


High impact information on Clebopride

  • These results indicate that clebopride acts on post ganglionic cholinergic neurons at D2 and alpha-2 receptors in this preparation to enhance enteric nervous system stimulated motility [7].
  • 7. Clebopride and Delagrange 2674 inhibited [3H]-FNM binding with similar potency in rat cerebellar and hippocampal membranes, suggesting they have no selectivity for BDZ1 and BDZ2 binding sites.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[8]
  • 2. Clebopride, Delagrange 2674, Delagrange 2335 and BRL 20627 displayed concentration-dependent displacement of [3H]-FNM with IC50 values of 73 nM, 132 nM, 7.7 microM and 5.9 microM, respectively [8].
  • 6. The pattern of binding of clebopride and Delagrange 2674 in these in vitro tests is similar to that found previously with partial agonists or antagonists at BDZ binding sites [8].
  • An analysis of the hypothalamic sites at which the substituted benzamides, metoclopramide and clebopride, act to facilitate gastric emptying was undertaken in the guinea-pig [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Clebopride


Biological context of Clebopride


Anatomical context of Clebopride


Associations of Clebopride with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Clebopride

  • When 5 mg of bromocriptine were given before clebopride, the PRL response was completely abolished as compared with the control experiment (P < 0.001) [10].
  • Climbing behaviour induced by NPA (2.5 mg/kg) could be antagonised by SCH23390 but not by clebopride, however climbing behaviour induced by a low dose of NPA (0.06 mg/kg) plus SKF38393 could be blocked by both D-1 and D-2 receptor antagonists [23].
  • Potentiation of the gastric antisecretory activity of histamine H2-receptor antagonists by clebopride [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Clebopride


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