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Chemical Compound Review

Deccox     ethyl6-decoxy-7-ethoxy-4-oxo- 1H-quinoline...

Synonyms: Decoxy, DECOQUINATE, Decoquinato, Decoquinatum, PubChem2446, ...
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Anatomical context of Deccox

  • The results showed that continuous medication with decoquinate was effective in preventing the transfer of sporozoites from the intestine to the liver [13].
  • All calves, except 2 controls necropsied 14 DAI and 4 calves given decoquinate, discharged moderate-to-large numbers of oocysts in feces and had moderate-to-serve changes in fecal consistency [14].
  • We examined human foreskin fibroblast cell cultures infected with the normally tissue cyst-less RH strain of Toxoplasma gondii and treated with decoquinate for evidence of tissue cyst induction and formation [15].
  • Lymphocytes from steers of the decoquinate-fed group had decreased random migration under agarose, enhanced cytochrome C reduction, and enhanced iodination activity [10].

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