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Chemical Compound Review

Delursan     (4R)-4-[ (3R,5S,7S,8S,9S,10S,13R,14S,17 R)-3...

Synonyms: Destolit, Ursochol, Ursofalk, Ursolvan, ursodiol, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of Ursolvan


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Associations of Ursolvan with other chemical compounds

  • While there is effective treatment for AIH (steroids with or without azathioprine) and PBC (Ursodesoxycholic acid) no such treatment is currently established for PSC [19].
  • In conclusion, administration for 2 wk of TUDCA, compared with an equimolar amount of unconjugated UDCA plus taurine, produced in the bile of hamsters a higher percentage of UDCA, a lower glycine-to-taurine ratio of UDCA conjugates, and a lower saturation index before and after adjustment for UDCA-rich bile [20].

Gene context of Ursolvan


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ursolvan


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