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Medemycin     [(2S,3S,4R,6S)-6- [(2R,3S,4S,5R,6S)-4...

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Gene context of Medemycin

  • Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic, midecamycin acetate (miocamycin). Part VI-1. Acute toxicity in infant mice in comparison with young adult mice [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Medemycin

  • Western blots of terminal cisternae (TC), incubated for 15 min at 37 C with 40 microM ivermectin or midecamycin, showed normal amounts of FKBP12 [6].
  • Transformation of the cloned DNA into the S. mycarofaciens blocked mutant 68 and into Streptomyces lividans TK24 resulted in the production of midecamycin-like substances by TLC and HPLC analyses [25].
  • The promoter region of the midecamycin 4"-hydroxyl propionyltransferase gene (mpt) gene was reconstructed by PCR, and ligated with a fragment from the midecamycin producing strain (Streptomyces mycarofaciens var. 68) which contained fairly strong promoter activity (PLF) [26].


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