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Chemical Compound Review

AGN-PC-00JWDR     6-[(2-carboxy-2-phenyl- ethanoyl)amino]-3,3...

Synonyms: SureCN11310979, Oprea1_556099, AKOS015966636, AC1L1DY8, NCI60_000253
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Disease relevance of carbenicillin


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Chemical compound and disease context of carbenicillin


Biological context of carbenicillin


Anatomical context of carbenicillin

  • We found that beta-lactamase fusion proteins carrying a eukaryotic signal peptide at its N-terminus were able to direct their export into the periplasm in E. coli to confer survival upon challenge with carbenicillin [18].
  • One hundred seven patients were treated with either piperacillin (56) or carbenicillin (51) in an open randomized trial of hospitalized patients with pleuropulmonary (40), urinary tract (26), gynecologic (21), skin and soft-tissue (eight), joint (five), bone (three), and miscellaneous other infections (four) [19].
  • This killing was shown to be unaffected by treatment with carbenicillin, an inhibitor of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and, indirectly, replication [20].
  • The intrinsic-resistance phenotype becomes further enhanced in "intrinsically carbenicillin-resistant" isolates, which were often assumed to produce outer membranes of even lower permeability [21].
  • In the first study, corneas still contained Pseudomonas after 4 days of continual topical therapy with either tobramycin 400 mg/ml, amikacin 250 mg/ml, ticarcillin 400 mg/ml, or carbenicillin 400 mg/ml [22].

Associations of carbenicillin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of carbenicillin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of carbenicillin


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