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Chemical Compound Review

Pirmgrel     6-(1,8- diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nona- 2,4,6,8...

Synonyms: PIRMAGREL, Pirmagrelum, CHEMBL48092, SureCN636018, CGS-13080, ...
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  • Greater attenuation of TxB2 was found after treatment with the drug combination (P less than .01 from vehicle, P less than .05 from CGS-13080 alone) [4].
  • No adverse hemodynamic or other effects attributable to CGS-13080 occurred during or immediately following cardiopulmonary bypass [19].
  • The control group was fed a standard pellet diet, while the treated groups were fed the standard diet supplemented with either a low dose (0.8 g per 10 kg pellet) or a high dose (1.6 g per 10 kg pellet) of CGS 13080 [20].
  • The effect of a thromboxane A2 synthetase inhibitor (CGS-13080) on canine intestine was studied using a single dose of radiation, and radioactive microspheres were used to determine resultant blood flow [21].


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