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Disease relevance of Hemangiosarcoma


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Gene context of Hemangiosarcoma

  • The strong expression of KDR by tumor cells in KS and angiosarcoma implies that VPF/VEGF may also have a direct effect on tumor cells [24].
  • Tumor cells in KS and angiosarcoma strongly expressed KDR but not flt-1 mRNA [24].
  • Myr-Akt2 and Myr-Akt3 also induced hemangiosarcomas in the animal, whereas wild type Akt2 and Akt3 were not oncogenic in vivo [25].
  • Cadherin expression inversely correlates with tumor malignancy and the endothelial specific VE-cadherin is low or absent in angiosarcomas, suggesting an inhibitory role for this protein in tumor progression [26].
  • However, angiosarcomas were heterogeneous; CD31 was positive in 21/27, CD34 in 25/27 cases, BNH9 in 22/25, and vWF in 18/27 cases [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hemangiosarcoma


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