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Disease relevance of Radiography


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Biological context of Radiography


Anatomical context of Radiography


Associations of Radiography with chemical compounds

  • CONCLUSIONS: At least 4 patterns of calcium oxalate stones are recognizable by plain film roentgenography [15].
  • By matching of the attenuation and hardening properties, comparisons are made between shielding afforded by breast tissue materials (water, Lucite and 50%-50% adipose-glandular tissue) and some materials considered for shielding diagnostic x-ray beams, namely lead, steel and gypsum wallboard [16].
  • Isotonic or low-osmolar nonionic roentgenography contrast media or gadopentetate did not show this effect or showed it only to a minimal extent [17].
  • A simple way to place the risk associated with Nuclear Medicine studies in an appropriate context is to compare the dose with that received from a more familiar source of exposure such as from a diagnostic X-ray procedure [18].
  • Serial chest roentgenography, pulmonary function studies, and the serum angiotensin-converting enzyme level are useful for monitoring the course of the disease [19].

Gene context of Radiography

  • Such cysts may manifest as a symptomatic mass, as an asymptomatic finding on roentgenography, or during the assessment of a patient with hyperparathyroidism [20].
  • With a new technique of roentgenography to reveal more accurately the degree of ulnar drift and radial deviation in hands of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, it was shown that the radial deviation was less marked than would be ascertained with conventional roentgenograms [21].
  • RESULTS: In rabbit models, roentgenography showed that disc spaces treated with cathepsin L and chymopapain had become narrower 1 week after injection [22].
  • The response to chemotherapy was grouped as specified as complete (CR), partial response (PR), no change (NC), and progressive disease (PD), according to the change in tumor size on chest roentgenography and CT [23].
  • Quality assurance protocols for diagnostic x-ray equipment. Part 1: General radiographic units [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Radiography


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