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Chemical Compound Review

Flumethrin     [cyano-(4-fluoro-3-phenoxy- phenyl)methyl]...

Synonyms: AGN-PC-00JZ1B, CHEMBL2107248, CHEBI:39361, BAY-V1-6045, AC1L3MMG, ...
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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Flumethrin

  • Bioassays tested resistant and susceptible larvae along with their hybrid F1 and F2 progeny against a series of concentrations of flumethrin (0, 0.0075, 0.00150, 0.00300, 0.00600 and 0.01200 microg/g) [15].
  • Portions of polyethylene strips of flumethrin from treated hives were sampled weekly to determine acaricide persistence using gas chromatography [16].
  • The fly-specific effects of Flumethrin Pour-on were time-dependent: Clear effects on the performance of the flies were observed during the first 20 days after treatment of the Zebu; an initial 90% "knock down" effect decreased to 40% during the first 15 days [17].


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