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Chemical Compound Review

KALLIDIN     2-[[2-[[1-[2-[[2-[2-[[1-[1- [2-(2,6...

Synonyms: Lys-Bradykinin, AR-1J3549, LS-174455, AC1L1TC1, AC1Q5KW7, ...
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Disease relevance of KALLIDIN


High impact information on KALLIDIN

  • The antibodies were isotyped as IgG1, kappa-type, and their target epitopes mapped with bradykinin, lysyl-bradykinin (kallidin), kinin receptor antagonists, and fragments thereof, revealing three distinct sets of mAb, i.e., mAb against bradykinin (MBK)1, MBK2, and MBK3 [4].
  • The activity of the aminopeptidase against its synthetic substrate was also inhibited by lysylbradykinin (IC50 = 50 microM) [5].
  • Electrogenic ion transport can be stimulated by the beta-adrenergic agonist isoproterenol (10(-6) M) and by lysylbradykinin (10(-7) M) but not by the cholinergic agonist carbachol at 10(-6) M) [6].
  • High molecular weight Kgn and low molecular weight Kgn were both diminished in MH (0.26 +/- 0.04 nmol bradykinin/ml and 0.93 +/- 0.12 nmol lysyl-bradykinin/ml, respectively) as compared to NC (0.39 +/- 0.07 and 1.92 +/- 0.16) and EH (0.51 +/- 0.07 and 1.65 +/- 0.13) [7].
  • We have synthesized internally quenched peptides spanning the Met379-Lys380 or Arg389-Ser390 bonds of human kininogen (hkng) that flank lysyl-bradykinin and have studied the kinetics of their hydrolysis by human tissue kallikrein [8].

Biological context of KALLIDIN


Anatomical context of KALLIDIN


Associations of KALLIDIN with other chemical compounds

  • 2. Measurements of electrogenic chloride secretion (as short circuit current), and of intracellular Ca2+ (from Fura-2 fluorescence) were used to assess the action of lysylbradykinin in the absence and presence of Hoe 140 [15].
  • A cultured human epithelial cell line, Colony 29, has been used to investigate the relation between anion secretion and intracellular Ca2+ concentration (Cai) in response to the secretagogues, lysylbradykinin (LBk) and histamine [18].
  • These enzymes release the vasoactive peptides angiotensin II and lysyl-bradykinin from the precursors angiotensinogen and kininogen, respectively [19].
  • The effect of the kinin, kallidin (lysyl-bradykinin) on phosphoinositide metabolism and prolactin secretion was examined in male rat anterior pituitary cells in primary culture [20].
  • Unexpectedly, MBP hydrolyzed lysyl-bradykinin and methionyl-lysyl-bradykinin at the carboxyl side of Gly fairly specifically and efficiently displaying a unique cleavage [21].

Gene context of KALLIDIN


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of KALLIDIN


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