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Gene Review

Edn2  -  endothelin 2

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: ET-2, Endothelin-2, PPET2, Preproendothelin-2, VIC, ...
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Disease relevance of Edn2

  • Cobalt chloride induces neurite outgrowth in rat pheochromocytoma PC-12 cells through regulation of endothelin-2/vasoactive intestinal contractor [1].
  • We isolated two proteins, ET-1 and ET-2, from the sporangial extracts of Clostridium perfringens type A. Both proteins had some properties in common with the well-known C. perfringens enterotoxin [2].
  • In isolated stimulated rat atria, superfusion with veratrine caused a marked contracture (VIC) which was absent in calcium-free medium and which was inhibited by tetrodotoxin (IC50VIC of 1.38 microM) [3].
  • ET-1, ET-2, ET-3 and sarafotoxin S6b (STX) induced rhythmic contractions superimposed on an increased muscle tone [4].
  • ET-2 promoter, which is the 5'-flanking region of preproET-2 gene (5'ET-2), showed a marked increase in luciferase activity during acute hypoxia [5].

High impact information on Edn2

  • We found that the gene coding for endothelin-2 (ET2), also known as vasoctive intestine peptide, cosegregated strongly with systolic blood pressure in a F2 population [F2(S x LEW)] derived from a cross of the Dahl salt-sensitive (S) rat and the Lewis (LEW/NCrlBR) (LEW) rat [6].
  • The ET2 locus was assigned to rat chromosome 5 [6].
  • We conclude that, in the rat, one new blood pressure QTL is located on chromosome 5 marked by the ET2 locus and another new QTL is located on chromosome 17 near the HITH locus [6].
  • Endothelin (ET)-3 dose-dependently stimulated cGMP accumulation in glomerulus, which was higher than that of ET-1 or ET-2 [7].
  • ET2 was expressed at high level in both large and small intestine and at low level in stomach, muscle, and heart, but ET2 mRNA could not be detected elsewhere [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Edn2


Biological context of Edn2


Anatomical context of Edn2


Associations of Edn2 with chemical compounds

  • In contrast, bosentan delayed the rate of onset, and reduced the duration, of the mesenteric vasoconstrictor actions of ET-2 and ET-3 [18].
  • Intracerebroventricular injection of 6, 12, and 20 ng ET-2 resulted in a significant, dose-related inhibition of water drinking in response to subsequent injection of 100 pmol angiotensin II (ANG II) [19].
  • The fibres contracted in response to treatment with KCl (80 mM), ACh (100 microM), endothelin-1 (10 nM), endothelin-2 (10 nM), and prostaglandin F2alpha (100 microM) [20].
  • PRL release inhibition by VIC was not mediated via the D2-dopamine receptor and was not prevented by calcium channel blockade with 100 nM nifedipine [21].
  • ET-2 was the more anionic protein since it eluted more slowly from the anion exchange column and migrated faster toward the anode in polyacrylamide disk gel electrophoresis (pH 8.5, native gels) [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Edn2

  • RT-PCR analysis, morphological observations, and immunostaining revealed that CoCl2, a hypoxic mimetic agent, at 200 microM increased expression of the ET-2/VIC gene, decreased expression of the ET-1 gene, and induced neurite outgrowth in PC-12 rat pheochromocytoma cells [1].
  • Both ET-1 and ET-2 showed lines of identity in agar gel double immunodiffusion against anti-enterotoxin antiserum [2].
  • 1. The response of the cutaneous microvasculature to intradermal injection of the endothelins (ET-1, ET-2 and ET-3) and the modulatory effect of endogenously produced nitric oxide (NO) have been determined in the rat [22].
  • The influence of endothelin on vascular and myocardial reperfusion damage was studied with exogenous endothelin-2 [23].
  • After 1 h of low-flow ischaemia, endothelin-2 increased the coronary perfusion pressure to a similar extent as in non-ischaemic hearts, but with a 30-times higher potency [23].


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