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Gene Review

EDN2  -  endothelin 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ET-2, ET2, Endothelin-2, PPET2, Preproendothelin-2
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Disease relevance of EDN2


High impact information on EDN2


Chemical compound and disease context of EDN2


Biological context of EDN2


Anatomical context of EDN2

  • As well as its chemotactic properties, ET-2 leads to activation of macrophages [2].
  • We found that ET-2 is a chemoattractant for macrophages and THP-1 monocytic cells, but not for freshly isolated monocytes [2].
  • 3 ET-1 is 2.5 times more potent than ET-2 in both the airway and vascular tissues, and both forms of the peptide have geometric mean EC50 values 5 times greater than in the isolated bronchial tissue than in the pulmonary artery [17].
  • 5 Specific binding on the smooth muscle of human airway and pulmonary arterial tissue to both ET-1 and ET-2 was detected in autoradiographic studies [17].
  • 2. Endothelin-1 (ET-1) and ET-2 were potent constrictors of umbilical vein with EC50 values of 9.2 nM and 29.6 nM, respectively [18].

Associations of EDN2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of EDN2

  • Endothelin-2 and sarafotoxin S6B inhibited [125I]-PD151242 binding to renal tissue whereas ET-3 and sarafotoxin S6C were less effective [22].

Regulatory relationships of EDN2


Other interactions of EDN2

  • EDN1, EDN2, and EDN3 were mapped to 6p23-p24, 1p34, and 20q13.2-q13.3, respectively [6].
  • Endothelins (ET-1, ET-2 and ET-3) are 21-amino acid vasoactive peptides that bind to G-protein-linked transmembrane receptors, ET-RA and ET-RB [2].
  • Of the other genes, PPET-2 and ET(B) were expressed in all tissue specimens and no differences were observed between tumor subtypes or tumor-affected and normal tissue specimens, whereas PPET-3 and ECE-2 were present in all tissue specimens but were barely detectable [25].
  • These results suggest that big ET-2 is composed of 38 and not 37 amino acid residues, and that a putative ET-2-converting enzyme (ECE-2) should be classified as a phosphoramidon-sensitive neutral metalloprotease, bearing a resemblance to the putative ET-1-converting enzyme (ECE-1) in endothelial cells [26].
  • The activity of endothelin-2 was not modified by phentolamine, saralasin and indomethacin, thus excluding a direct or indirect activation of alpha-adrenoceptors and angiotensin receptors as well as the synthesis of cyclooxygenase products [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EDN2


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