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Gene Review

Hoxb6  -  homeobox B6

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Homeobox protein Hox-2.2, Homeobox protein Hox-B6, Homeobox protein MH-22A, Hox-2.2, Hoxb-6
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Disease relevance of Hoxb6

  • The resulting Hox-2.2 misexpression produces early postnatal lethality as well as craniofacial and axial skeletal perturbations that include open eyes at birth, cleft palate, micrognathia, microtia, skull bone deficiencies, and structural and positional alterations in the vertebral column [1].
  • In larvae, the Hox-2.2-induced transformations include thoracic denticle belts in place of head structures; in adults, the Hox-2.2 transformations include thoracic legs in place of antennae [2].
  • METHODS: Murine hepatoma MH-22A was used for investigation in vitro and in vivo [3].

High impact information on Hoxb6

  • We found similar types of regulatory interactions between Hoxb5 and Hoxb6 [4].
  • Reminiscent of Hox-2.2, the rostral boundary of zebrafish hox-2.2 expression is located in the posterior region of the hindbrain [5].
  • A cDNA clone containing the Hox-2.2 homeobox has been isolated from an adult spinal cord library [6].
  • Structure and expression of Hox-2.2, a murine homeobox-containing gene [6].
  • Comparisons of the predicted Hox-2.2 protein with other homeodomain-containing proteins revealed four regions of sequence similiarity: an N-terminal octapeptide, a hexapeptide upstream of the homeodomain, the homeodomain, and a glutamic acid-rich region at the C terminus [6].

Biological context of Hoxb6


Anatomical context of Hoxb6


Other interactions of Hoxb6

  • These observations suggest that for some aspects of Hoxb-6 gene regulation the integrity of large genomic regions of the Hoxb cluster is required [14].
  • Using this assay, we compared transcriptional activation by three chimeric proteins containing the homeodomains of the mouse homeobox genes, Hoxa-5, Hoxb-6, and Hoxc-8 [15].
  • RNase protection analysis also revealed two alternatively spliced forms of the Hox 2.2 mRNA are present throughout fetal skin development [16].
  • Disruption of the homeobox gene Hoxb-6 in mice results in increased numbers of early erythrocyte progenitors [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hoxb6


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