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Gene Review

Il12rb2  -  interleukin 12 receptor, beta 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: A930027I18Rik, IL-12 receptor subunit beta-2, IL-12R subunit beta-2, IL-12R-beta-2, IL-12RB2, ...
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Disease relevance of Il12rb2


High impact information on Il12rb2


Biological context of Il12rb2


Anatomical context of Il12rb2

  • The interleukin-12 receptor beta2 (Il12rb2) gene is silenced in tumor cells from different human B-cell malignancies as opposed to their normal counterparts [1].
  • To determine the basis for this selective loss, we examined IL-12R beta 2 subunit expression during Th cell development in response to T cell treatment with different cytokines [6].
  • Finally, levels of IL-12R beta 2 subunit mRNA and the percent composition of NK lymphocytes in the spleen were both decreased in endotoxin-tolerant mice relative to controls [12].
  • After oral inoculation with Salmonella, the level of mRNA expression encoding IL-12 receptor beta2 (IL-12Rbeta2) subunit was diminished 12 h postinfection in the mesenteric lymph nodes and subsequently in the spleen [13].
  • Differentiation of murine NK cells into distinct subsets based on variable expression of the IL-12R beta 2 subunit [14].

Associations of Il12rb2 with chemical compounds

  • Nitric oxide preferentially induces type 1 T cell differentiation by selectively up-regulating IL-12 receptor beta 2 expression via cGMP [15].
  • Although in vivo indomethacin treatment did not appear to influence IL-12 production in infected mice, cells from indomethacin-treated mice did express higher levels of IL-12Rbeta2, suggesting that prostaglandins may play a role in the loss of IL-12 responsiveness observed during nonhealing L. major infections [16].
  • Given intralesionally to chronically infected mice, this treatment induced the upregulation of mRNA levels for IFN-gamma, the transcription factor T-box expressed in T cells, and IL-12 receptor beta 2 in CD4(+) T cells from the DLN and an increase in parasite-specific immunoglobulin G2a in the serum [17].

Regulatory relationships of Il12rb2

  • Although Con A-activated splenocytes from IL-12R beta 2(-/-) mice still bind IL-12 with both high and low affinity, no IL-12-induced biological functions can be detected [9].
  • Restimulation of Th2 cells expressing this ectopic IL-12R beta 2 in the presence of IL-12 led to levels of IL-4 production similar to those in control Th2 cells [18].

Other interactions of Il12rb2

  • Con A-activated splenocytes of IL-12R beta 2(-/-) mice failed to produce IFN-gamma or proliferate in response to IL-12 stimulation [9].
  • These results demonstrate that although mouse IL-12R beta 1 is the subunit primarily responsible for binding IL-12, IL-12R beta 2 plays an essential role in mediating the biological functions of IL-12 in mice [9].
  • Activated STAT4 has an essential role in Th1 differentiation and proliferation that is independent of its role in the maintenance of IL-12R beta 2 chain expression and signaling [19].
  • IL-27 is a novel IL-12 family member that plays a role in the early regulation of T helper cell 1 initiation, including induction of T-bet and IL-12 receptor beta 2 expression [20].


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