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Gene Review

ATN1  -  atrophin 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Atrophin-1, B37, D12S755E, DRPLA, Dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy protein, ...
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Disease relevance of ATN1


Psychiatry related information on ATN1


High impact information on ATN1


Chemical compound and disease context of ATN1

  • Furthermore, the immunoliposomes could inhibit the growth of DXR-insensitive stomach cancer cells (B37) in an in vivo model [12].

Biological context of ATN1


Anatomical context of ATN1

  • The discrepancy in the expanded CAG repeat length between cerebellar cortex and other tissues was most prominent in DRPLA, and especially in cases of adult-onset DRPLA [15].
  • In addition, all cases of DRPLA showed a reduction of immunoreactivity for EAAT1 in the dentate nucleus [16].
  • The lesion of Purkinje cells and their processes in the molecular layer associated with altered glutamate transport may be important in DRPLA, while the significance of the abnormalities observed in some MJD cases, which might be related to apoptotic mechanism, remains unclear [16].
  • The expanded CAG repeats of the mRNA were shorter in the cerebellum than in other regions of the central nervous system in DRPLA and MJD, but not in SBMA, and were longer in the liver and colon in MJD [17].
  • In transient cell transfection experiments using a neuroblastoma cell line, full-length atrophin-1 with 26 (normal) or 65 (expanded) glutamines localized to both nucleus and cytoplasm, with no significant difference in toxicity between the normal and mutant proteins [18].

Associations of ATN1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of ATN1


Enzymatic interactions of ATN1


Co-localisations of ATN1

  • Moreover, when RERE is overexpressed, the distribution of endogenous DRPLA protein alters from the diffused to the speckled pattern in the nucleus so as to co-localize with RERE [1].

Regulatory relationships of ATN1


Other interactions of ATN1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ATN1


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