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Gene Review

KIF1B  -  kinesin family member 1B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CMT2, CMT2A, CMT2A1, HMSNII, KIAA0591, ...
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Disease relevance of KIF1B


Psychiatry related information on KIF1B

  • Together with the clinical data, MRCP is a very important technique in the diagnostic and therapeutic decision making of KLP [5].
  • Mean thermal pain thresholds were significantly increased in the feet of the CMT2 patients when compared with the controls and they were significantly higher in the hands of the CMT2 than in the CMT1 patients [6].

High impact information on KIF1B


Chemical compound and disease context of KIF1B

  • Finally, a tri-peptide motif, KLP, which showed homology with laminin 5 (a ligand for alpha3beta1 integrin), was identified as a binding peptide for peritoneal tumors of gastric cancer [8].

Biological context of KIF1B


Anatomical context of KIF1B


Associations of KIF1B with chemical compounds

  • Thus, the triad of inconstant metabolite concentrations, inconstant KLP/KBA, and delta F both inconstant and non-zero, indicates that there is no state of equilibrium for these metabolite couplets in human plasma [17].

Physical interactions of KIF1B

  • CHP binds to regions adjacent to the motor domains of KIF1Bbeta2 and KIF1B, but not to those of the other KIF1 family members, KIF1A and KIF1C [18].

Other interactions of KIF1B

  • The region between the DFF45 and KIF1B genes was defined as homozygous deletion by Southern blotting [19].
  • BACKGROUND: Axonal neuropathy linked to the CMT2A locus was originally associated with a mutation in the KIF1B gene [20].
  • Twenty unrelated CMT2 patients, as well as 26 others with an undetermined form of CMT, also were screened for mutations in NF-L, but no additional mutations were found [11].
  • One patient with a CMT2 clinical phenotype had three myelin protein zero mutations (I89N+V92M+I162M) [21].
  • Eleven Cx32 mutations were found in 12 families, six with a CMT2 diagnosis, three with a CMT1 diagnosis and three with unclassified CMT [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of KIF1B

  • Despite clinical findings of normal or near-normal strength and small reductions in compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitude, MUNE values were significantly lower in CMT2 subjects in proximal muscles, consistent with more diffuse denervation [15].
  • The KLP-containing fraction was identified with the KLP radioimmunoassay [23].
  • Clinical findings are very important data to be considered in the differential diagnosis of KLP [5].
  • Phage clones displaying the sequence KLP showed 64-fold higher binding to peritoneal tumors than control phage and were preferentially distributed in tumors rather than in normal organs after intraperitoneal injection into mice [8].


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