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Gene Review

Rn28s1  -  28S ribosomal RNA

Mus musculus

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  • Using both heterologous rabbit antisera and mouse monoclonal antibody to RNA.DNA hybrids, we have mapped the in situ hybridization locus of the 18/28S ribosomal RNA fraction to a single large band on polytene autosome 3 in Drosophila heteroneura and Drosophila silvestris [16].
  • The integrity of RNA was evaluated with the intactness of 18S and 28S ribosomal RNA by electrophoresis and by the length of individual gene transcripts using RT-PCR [17].
  • However, P. yoelii-specific 28S ribosomal RNA gene product was detected after 15 cycles of PCR in animals inoculated via the tail vein but was not detected until 25 cycles in animals inoculated via the intrahepatic portal circulation [3].
  • Quantitation of RNA dot blots hybridized with a 28S ribosomal RNA-specific cDNA probe showed that storage phosphor imaging was more sensitive than screen-enhanced x-ray film autoradiography in identifying low amounts of total RNA (1-10 micrograms) [18].


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