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Gene Review

Car14  -  carbonic anhydrase 14

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AW536446, CA XIV, CA-XIV, Ca14, Carbonate dehydratase XIV, ...
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Disease relevance of Car14

  • We suggest that CA XIV is the target of CA inhibitors that enhance subretinal fluid absorption in macular edema [1].

High impact information on Car14


Biological context of Car14


Anatomical context of Car14


Other interactions of Car14

  • In the SL membrane, only CA IV and CA XIV are present [6].
  • Isolation and characterization of CA XIV, a novel membrane-bound carbonic anhydrase from mouse kidney [4].
  • The CA domain of CA XIV is highly homologous with those of known CAs, especially extracellular CAs including CA XII, IX, VI, and IV [4].
  • Future studies will be necessary to assign functions to CA-II and CA-XIV in the mouse neural retina [7].
  • We determined herein that CA-XIV, a approximately 45kDa membrane protein, is expressed in retina, as it is in kidney [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Car14


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