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Gene Review

Car2  -  carbonic anhydrase 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI131712, CA II, CA-II, CAII, Ca2, ...
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Disease relevance of Car2


Psychiatry related information on Car2


High impact information on Car2


Chemical compound and disease context of Car2


Biological context of Car2

  • One is a silent polymorphism found in Car2 mRNA from wild-type DBA mice, which is the strain that provided the original mutagenized chromosome [12].
  • Contrary to expectations, homozygous deletion of either Car2 or Ncam1 did not result in placental phenotypes [1].
  • Apart from a detailed expression analysis of both genes during normal murine placentation, we also assessed morphology of placentas that were null for Car2 or Ncam1 [1].
  • Structure and exon to protein domain relationships of the mouse carbonic anhydrase II gene [13].
  • Thus, except for the possible association of the 29 active site residues encoded by four exons, no obvious correspondence is seen between the regions coded by exons and the functional or secondary structural domains of the mouse CA II molecule [13].

Anatomical context of Car2


Associations of Car2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Car2

  • I conclude that these nonconsensus Ap2-like elements and their cognitive binding protein play a major role in the expression of the CAII gene [20].
  • Inhibition data of the cytosolic isozymes CA I and CA II and the membrane-bound isozyme CA IV with these inhibitors are also provided for comparison [21].

Regulatory relationships of Car2

  • By comparing normal mice with CA II-deficient mice, we were able to study membrane-bound CA without influence from the ubiquitous cytoplasmic CA II [22].
  • Pendrin- and vH+-ATPase-positive cells also expressed cytoplasmic CA II [23].

Other interactions of Car2

  • Car9 mRNA and CA IX protein expression levels were up-regulated about 2.5- and 3.6-fold, respectively, in the stomach of the Car2-/- mice [12].
  • Expression and functional analysis of genes deregulated in mouse placental overgrowth models: Car2 and Ncam1 [1].
  • A Single Copy of Carbonic anhydrase 2 Restores Wild-type Circadian Period to Carbonic Anhydrase II-Deficient Mice [24].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: We microdissected embryonic pancreases at Embryonic Days (E)9.5-11.5 and performed RT-PCR for CAII and CFTR on E9.5 whole pancreases, E10 [25].
  • Carbonic anhydrase III occurred alone in some and with CA II in other sites but was often absent from CA-II-containing types of cells [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Car2


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