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Gene Review

Car4  -  carbonic anhydrase 4

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AW456718, CA IV, CA-IV, Ca4, Carbonate dehydratase IV, ...
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Disease relevance of Car4

  • A cDNA encoding the murine carbonic anhydrase IV (mCA IV) gene, modified to resemble a form of mature human carbonic anhydrase IV (Okuyama, T., Waheed, A., Kusumoto, W., Zhu, X. L., and Sly, W. S. (1995) Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 320, 315-322), was expressed in Escherichia coli [1].
  • Among the detoxification-associated molecules, carbonic anhydrase IV was specifically down-regulated in CEC of Th2- but not Th1-mediated colitis [2].
  • Reduced forward progression of TAL-deficient spermatozoa is associated with diminished mitochondrial reactive oxygen intermediate production and Ca(2+) levels, intracellular acidosis, and compensatory down-regulation of carbonic anhydrase IV and overexpression of CD38 and gamma-glutamyl transferase [3].

High impact information on Car4


Biological context of Car4


Anatomical context of Car4

  • Western blot analysis showed higher expression of CA IV immunoreactive protein in renal membranes from males than in those from females [10].
  • Western blots of purified myelin showed a band corresponding to CA IV in CA(II)D mice [11].
  • Immunocytochemical staining demonstrated CA IV in oligodendrocytes and myelinated tracts in normal mouse brains and stronger staining of the same structures in brains of CA(II)D mutants [11].
  • In Car-2(0) mouse colonic mucosa, total CA activity was reduced 80% and cytosolic CA I and membrane-bound CA IV activities were not increased [12].
  • The expression of CA IV, CA VII and CA-RP VIII was somewhat similar: they were expressed in the cortex, hippocampus and midbrain structures and their expression did not change after the kainic acid treatment [13].

Associations of Car4 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Car4

  • Expression of CA IX in the CA IV/CA XIV knockout animals was further confirmed using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry [16].
  • Expression of carbonic anhydrase IV in carbonic anhydrase II-deficient mice [10].
  • CA(II)D resulted in a much lower total CA specific activity in all tissues examined but in higher CA IV specific activities in soluble and membrane-associated fractions and pure myelin [11].
  • METHODS: Compression tests were performed on individual caudal vertebrae (Ca4, Ca5, Ca6) obtained from male and female mice from two transgenic lines (TG420 and TG450) and nontransgenic control mice [17].
  • CA IV and CA XII are important kidney isoforms [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Car4


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