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Gene Review

pol  - 

Bovine leukemia virus

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Disease relevance of pol


High impact information on pol


Chemical compound and disease context of pol

  • The NH2- and COOH-terminal regions of the pol product show stronger homologies with those of avian, rather than murine, type C retrovirus, and its structure is identical to that of avian virus [9].

Biological context of pol


Anatomical context of pol


Associations of pol with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of pol

  • To examine the effects of these cytokines on BLV expression, BLV tax and pol mRNA and p24 protein were quantified by competitive PCR and immunoblotting, respectively [16].
  • Southern-blot hybridization and partial sequencing of the pol and env genes were used to characterize BLV-integrated provirus of seropositive cattle from two dairy herds in northern Italy [20].


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