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Gene Review

Mstn  -  myostatin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: GDF-8, Gdf8, Growth/differentiation factor 8, Myostatin
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Disease relevance of Gdf8


High impact information on Gdf8


Chemical compound and disease context of Gdf8

  • We hypothesized that glutamine effect on reversal of GC-induced muscle atrophy is mediated in part by suppression of myostatin [2].

Biological context of Gdf8


Anatomical context of Gdf8

  • Skeletal muscle atrophy is associated with an increased expression of myostatin and impaired satellite cell function in the portacaval anastamosis rat [8].
  • Both conditioned media from stretched myocytes and exogenous administration of IGF-1 recombinant protein to the non-stretched myocytes increased myostatin protein expression similar to that seen after cyclic stretch [7].
  • Furthermore, crushed muscle extract prepared from regenerating skeletal muscle had induced myostatin mRNA expression in skeletal muscle-derived fibroblasts in a dose-dependent manner [11].
  • In C2C12 myoblast cells, addition of glutamine to dexamethasone prevented the hyperexpression of myostatin induced by dexamethasone [2].
  • RESULTS: No significant changes in IGF-I and GLUT4 mRNA levels were found in any of the muscles analysed. mRNA contents of myostatin were significantly reduced in gastrocnemius and vastus lateralis but not in soleus [12].

Associations of Gdf8 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Gdf8


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gdf8

  • However, the expression of myostatin in chronic heart failure resulting from volume-overload and after treatment with beta-blockers is little known [13].
  • METHODS: We measured (Northern Blot) myostatin transcript levels in muscle groups with different fiber composition in streptozotocin-diabetic male rats receiving one of the following treatments for eight weeks: (1) control (C); (2) diabetes without treatment (DM); (3) diabetes with once-daily slow-acting insulin treatment (INS) [14].
  • Myostatin expression was measured by Northern and Western blots, and was compared with glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [2].


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