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Gene Review

KLC1  -  kinesin light chain 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KLC, KLC 1, KNS2, KNS2A, Kinesin light chain 1, ...
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Disease relevance of KLC1


Psychiatry related information on KLC1


High impact information on KLC1

  • Coimmunoprecipitation, sucrose gradient, and direct in vitro binding demonstrated that APP forms a complex with the microtubule motor, conventional kinesin (kinesin-I), by binding directly to the TPR domain of the kinesin light chain (KLC) subunit [6].
  • Axonal transport of amyloid precursor protein is mediated by direct binding to the kinesin light chain subunit of kinesin-I [6].
  • In addition, in the inactive state, the KHC motor domains are pushed apart by the KLC subunit [7].
  • We show here that Alcalpha strongly associates with kinesin light chain (K(D) approximately 4-8 x 10(-9) M) through a novel tryptophan- and aspartic acid-containing sequence [8].
  • Inactivation of kinesin, hyperphosphorylation of kinesin light chain, and perinuclear clustering of mitochondria exhibit the same p38 mitogen-activated kinase dependence, indicating their functional relationship [5].

Biological context of KLC1


Anatomical context of KLC1


Associations of KLC1 with chemical compounds

  • The phosphotyrosine binding domain of JIP1 binds the cytoplasmic tail of AbetaPP, whereas the JIP1 C-terminal region interacts with the tetratrico-peptide repeats of Klc1 [12].
  • The interaction of HAP1 with kinesin light chain is demonstrated via a yeast two-hybrid assay, glutathione S-transferase pull down, and coimmunoprecipitation [16].
  • In the presence of citrate, this step is followed by formation of an intermediate complex with monoferric ovotransferrin; stability constant KLC = (0.435 +/- 0.015) mM [17].
  • We describe a patient with KLC who had the typical features of this disease and responded partially to treatment with oral isotretinoin [18].
  • We describe a 35-year-old woman with KLC who had the typical features of widespread violaceous, reticulate, and striae-like eruptions with a prominent keratotic component over a nine-year period and who responded well to treatment with calcipotriol ointment [19].

Physical interactions of KLC1


Other interactions of KLC1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of KLC1


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