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Gene Review

TNS1  -  tensin 1

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of TNS1

  • Recombinant full-length tensin, tagged with an influenza-derived epitope, was over-expressed by a baculovirus system and purified to apparent homogeneity [1].

High impact information on TNS1


Biological context of TNS1


Anatomical context of TNS1


Associations of TNS1 with chemical compounds


Co-localisations of TNS1


Other interactions of TNS1

  • Modulation of tensin and vimentin expression in chick embryo developing cartilage and cultured differentiating chondrocytes [4].
  • YPP150, paxillin, and tensin appear to be enriched in the cell contact fractions containing adhesion plaques and invadopodia relative to the cell body fraction, but are also present in the soluble supernate fraction [9].
  • Specifically, punctate cortactin staining was observed inside tensin staining which formed a double ring structure at the membrane/bone interface of resorbing osteoclasts [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TNS1


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