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Gene Review

VCL  -  vinculin

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of VCL

  • In vivo, VCL, ATA, and lamifiban administered 2 minutes after intimal injuries stopped thrombus growth, prevented the cyclic thrombotic process, and induced gradual thrombus dissolution [1].
  • Verapamil and semotiadil exhibited a significantly greater effect than diltiazem on the mean ventricular cycle length (VCLmeun), on the maximal ventricular cycle length (VCLmax) and on the standard deviation of the VCL (SD(VCL)) during atrial flutter [2].

High impact information on VCL


Chemical compound and disease context of VCL


Biological context of VCL


Anatomical context of VCL


Associations of VCL with chemical compounds

  • The dissimilar calpain inhibitors 3-(4-iodophenyl)-2-mercapto-(Z)-2-propenoic acid (PD150606) or chloroacetic acid N'-[6,7-dichloro-4-phenyl)-3-oxo-3,4-dihydroquinoxalin-2-yl] hydrazide (SJA7029) preserved cytoskeleton-associated paxillin, talin, and vinculin levels and prevented PI influx and LDH release in antimycin A-exposed or hypoxic RPTs [9].
  • One important underlying mechanism appears to be regulation of vinculin incorporation into adhesive junctions by cyclic AMP [13].
  • In the presence of limiting amounts of liposomes, the alpha-actinin/vinculin ratio was markedly decreased in the liposome fractions [14].
  • It is shown in this study that the higher-molecular-mass variant metavinculin and alpha-actinin, also share this property. alpha-Actinin and vinculin were also shown to associate with phosphatidylserine liposomes by chromatography of protein/lipid mixtures on a Bio-Gel A-5m column [14].
  • Immunoblotting confirmed significantly greater vinculin in triton-insoluble fractions from monolayer cells compared with follicular cells [13].

Other interactions of VCL

  • The relocation of beta-catenin and vinculin away from intercalated discs in failing myocytes may impair the mechanical linkage between N-cadherin and thin filaments and adversely affect myocyte shape [15].
  • Since contractile proteins often vary with the cell type and may require different conditions for their interactions, we have developed a procedure which allows the parallel purification of actin-binding protein (ABP), vinculin, alpha-actinin, gelsolin as well as actin and tropomyosin from the same batch of cells [16].
  • In conduit intrapulmonary elastic arteries alpha, beta and gamma actin, the 204, 200 and 196 kDa myosin heavy chain (MHC) isoforms and vinculin were localised by immunohistochemistry [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VCL


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