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Gene Review

F12  -  coagulation factor XII (Hageman factor)

Sus scrofa

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High impact information on F12


Biological context of F12


Anatomical context of F12

  • At the end of the 120-h culture period, 30-50% of the spermatogonia were viable in KSOM, whereas in DMEM/F12 very few cells survived [7].
  • Dog gingival explants, 1 X 2 mm, were cultured on the cementum surfaces of pig root pieces in a defined medium consisting of DMEM and F12 (1V/1V), transferrin, insulin, epidermal growth factor, cortisone, selenium, and high-density lipoprotein [8].
  • Here, we have systematically characterized pig IPP follicular lymphocytes and show that about 90% B cells that are positive for surface immunoglobulin G (sIgM+) and express an immature phenotype characterized by expression of myeloid marker sWC3 (74-22-15) and two molecules recognized by IPP B-cell-specific monoclonal antibodies (F10/4, F12/35) [5].
  • The distended intestinal sac method was used to isolate 12 sequential fractions (F1 through F12) of epithelial cells [9].
  • Porcine granulosa cells from small (<3 mm), medium (3-5 mm) and large (>5 mm) follicles were seeded at different densities in DMEM:Ham's F12 (1:1) with or without different concentrations of VEGF or bFGF [10].

Associations of F12 with chemical compounds

  • The cells were cultured for up to 120 h in Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium/Ham's F-12 medium (DMEM/F12) or a potassium-rich medium derived by the simplex optimization method (KSOM) [7].
  • Porcine preadipocytes were cultured in serum-free medium (DME/F12 medium containing 100 nM insulin, 10 micrograms/mL transferrin, and 50 ng/mL hydrocortisone) [11].
  • Other serine proteinases such as factor Xa, factor XII, thrombin and plasmin do not hydrolyze B. bauhinioides inhibitor related substrates [12].
  • Similarly, the prothrombin complex, antithrombin, thrombin-antithrombin complex, factor XII, and the urinary excretion of 2,3-dinor-thromboxane B2 were not significantly altered [13].
  • Activation of factor XII and prekallikrein with cholesterol sulfate [14].

Other interactions of F12


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of F12

  • When tested with antiserum against other common nematodes of pigs from China, the APF was found to be markedly more specific than S3 antigens (prepared by a combination of cell fractionation and differential centrifugation according to Despommier and Lacetti, 1981) and fractions produced by Sephacryl S-200 gel filtration (F1 to F12) [16].
  • When porcine plasma was subjected to four steps of ion-exchange column chromatographies, factor XII (F. XII) was separated into two fractions, F [17].


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