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Gene Review

LALBA  -  lactalbumin, alpha-

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of LALBA

  • The sensitization was measured (1) by systemic IgG1 antibodies directed against bovine or caprine beta-lactoglobulin (beta-lg), alpha-lactalbumin (alpha-la) and whole caseins, and (2) by intestinal anaphylaxis measured in vitro in Ussing chambers, by the rise in short-circuit current (delta Isc) in response to milk proteins [1].
  • Weight gain of piglets suckling alpha-lactalbumin gilts was greater (days 7-21 after parturition) than that of control piglets [2].

High impact information on LALBA


Biological context of LALBA


Anatomical context of LALBA

  • 1. The major milk proteins synthesized by the lactating mammary gland of the guinea pig were identified and designated as caseins A, B and C and alpha-lactalbumin, with estimated mol.wts. of 28000, 25500, 20500 and 14500 respectively [11].
  • Hypotheses that 1) basal P(s) properties and 2) P(s) responses to vasoactive stimuli are sex independent were evaluated from measures of P(s) to two hydrophilic proteins, alpha-lactalbumin and porcine serum albumin (PSA), in arterioles and venules isolated from hearts of adult male and female pigs [12].
  • HAMLET (human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells) is a tumoricidal complex of apo alpha-lactalbumin and oleic acid, formed in casein after low pH treatment of human milk [9].
  • Polyadenylated RNAs isolated from bound polysomes of a lactating sow's mammary gland, were translated in a cell-free system and in vitro synthesized alpha-lactalbumin was immunoprecipitated and radiosequenced [13].
  • METHODS: Segments from jejunum, ileum, colon, and rectum were mounted in Ussing diffusion chambers, and the mucosa-to-serosa passage of 14C-mannitol, fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-dextran 4,400, alpha-lactalbumin, ovalbumin, and FITC-dextran 70,000 was studied [14].

Associations of LALBA with chemical compounds

  • While either conformer of alpha-lactalbumin [Ca(II) or Zn(II)] is kinetically equivalent, the Ca(II) form probably dominates under physiological conditions [7].
  • This was not explained by alpha-lactalbumin sequence variation, as purified bovine, equine, porcine, and caprine alpha-lactalbumins formed complexes with oleic acid with biological activity similar to HAMLET [9].
  • This study examined if HAMLET-like complexes are present in casein from different species and if isolated alpha-lactalbumin from those species can form such complexes with oleic acid [9].
  • Examples given are for peptides from a digest of methionine growth hormone, protein separations from whey proteins containing alpha-lactalbumin and the beta-lactoglobulins A and B, and bovine and porcine insulins [15].
  • Identification of the epsilon-(gamma-glutamyl)lysine cross-linking sites in alpha-lactalbumin polymerized by mammalian and microbial transglutaminases [16].

Other interactions of LALBA


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LALBA


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