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Gene Review

OPHN1  -  oligophrenin 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ARHGAP41, MRX60, OPN1, Oligophrenin-1
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Disease relevance of OPHN1


Psychiatry related information on OPHN1


High impact information on OPHN1


Chemical compound and disease context of OPHN1


Biological context of OPHN1

  • Knowledge of the genomic structure of the OPHN1 gene, which spans at least 500 kb and consists of 25 exons, will facilitate the search for additional mutations in OPHN1 [5].
  • The structure of the gene encoding the OPHN1 protein was determined by isolation of genomic DNA clones from the human cosmid library [5].
  • Delineation of the clinical phenotype associated with OPHN1 mutations based on the clinical and neuropsychological evaluation of three families [10].
  • The translated amino acid sequence was 99% identical to the published human oligophrenin-1 sequence [8].
  • JAR cell migration in response to OPN-1 was accompanied by a rapid rearrangement of actin filaments to the cellular membrane [11].

Anatomical context of OPHN1


Associations of OPHN1 with chemical compounds

  • Activation was blocked completely by rapamycin and LY294002, thus demonstrating that OPN-1-stimulated migration occurs through mTOR and PI3K pathways, respectively [11].

Regulatory relationships of OPHN1


Other interactions of OPHN1

  • A visual physical map of 1.2 Mb was constructed which spans the oligophrenin-1 gene and the androgen receptor gene [2].
  • Sequencing and BLAST analysis revealed that seven of the genes were known genes:ADP-ribosylation factor 4, Cytochrome oxidase subunit II, Ss-A/Ro ribonucleoprtein autoantigen 60kd subunit,ribosomal protein S13, galaectin-8 gene, oligophrenin 1 mRNA, ribosomal protein L23 mRNA; thirteen of the genes were unknown genes [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OPHN1


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