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Gene Review

LOC548210  -  alpha-amylase 1

Hordeum vulgare

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Disease relevance of LOC548210


High impact information on LOC548210

  • Using the double-stranded RNA interference technique, we show that HvABI5 and HvVP1 are necessary for the ABA induction of gene expression but have no effect on another hormone-regulated process, the gibberellin-induced and ABA-suppressed expression of alpha-amylase [6].
  • Three novel MYB proteins with one DNA binding repeat mediate sugar and hormone regulation of alpha-amylase gene expression [7].
  • Although the ABA-induced Ser/Thr protein kinase, PKABA1, is known to suppress GA-induced alpha-amylase expression, PKABA1 RNAi did not hamper the inhibitory effect of ABA on the expression of alpha-amylase, indicating that a PKABA1-independent signaling pathway also may exist [8].
  • Transient expression assays also showed that these three OsMYBSs cooperate with a GA-regulated transcription factor, HvMYBGa, in the transactivation of a low-pI barley alpha-amylase gene promoter in the absence of GA [7].
  • All alpha-amylase genes isolated from cereals contain a TATCCA element or its variants at positions approximately 90 to 150 bp upstream of the transcription start sites [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of LOC548210


Biological context of LOC548210

  • Our results indicate that the GAMyb is the sole GA-regulated transcription factor required for transcriptional activation of the high-pI alpha-amylase promoter [10].
  • We demonstrated in transient expression experiments that GAMyb activates transcription of a high-pI alpha-amylase promoter fused to a beta-glucuronidase reporter gene in the absence of GA [10].
  • We propose that the TAACAAA box is a gibberellin response element, that the TATCCAC box acts cooperatively with the TAACAAA box to give a high level of GA-regulated expression, and that together these motifs form important components of a gibberellin response complex in high-pI alpha-amylase genes [11].
  • The promoters of a majority of cereal alpha-amylase genes contain three highly conserved sequences (gibberellin response element, box I, and pyrimidine box) [12].
  • Using a barley aleurone transient expression system, we have now localized the site of action of PKABA1 relative to other signal transduction components governing the expression of alpha-amylase [13].

Anatomical context of LOC548210


Associations of LOC548210 with chemical compounds


Enzymatic interactions of LOC548210

  • Activities of alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase were positively and significantly correlated with the seed extracts' abilities to hydrolyze all three starches. beta-Amylase was only significantly correlated with hydrolysis of boiled soluble starch [20].

Other interactions of LOC548210


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC548210


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