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Gene Review

CYS3  -  cystathionine gamma-lyase CYS3

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: CYI1, Cystathionine gamma-lyase, FUN35, Gamma-cystathionase, STR1, ...
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Disease relevance of CYS3


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Biological context of CYS3

  • Genetic analysis indicates that CYS3 is a hotspot of meiotic gene conversion, with a putative 5'-3' polarity gradient of conversion frequencies [6].
  • By comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence with the N-terminal amino acid sequence of cystathionine gamma-lyase, CYS3 (CYI1) was concluded to be the structural gene for this enzyme [2].
  • Yeast cys3 and gsh1 mutant cells display overlapping but non-identical symptoms of oxidative stress with regard to subcellular protein localization and CDP-DAG metabolism [8].
  • The amino-acid substitutions of the CYS3 protein present in a temperature-sensitive cys-3 mutant and in a second-site revertant of a cys-3 null mutation are presented and are shown to affect their DNA-binding activities [9].
  • Surprisingly, an extended promoter region of the cys-3 gene in the Mauriceville strain and in N. intermedia was very well conserved with that of the standard N. crassa gene, including the presence of three CYS3-binding sites possibly involved in autogenous control [9].

Associations of CYS3 with chemical compounds


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CYS3


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