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Gene Review

RTCA  -  RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: RNA cyclase, RNA terminal phosphate cyclase domain-containing protein 1, RNA-3'-phosphate cyclase, RPC, RPC1, ...
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Disease relevance of RTCD1


High impact information on RTCD1


Biological context of RTCD1

  • HILIC/CEC was able to take advantage of very subtle changes in environment around the acetylation sites and thus effect a separation of these analogues not achievable by RPC or CEC alone [10].
  • We identified several potential sigma54-dependent promoters upstream of genes and operons including two homologues of csrA, which encodes the global regulator CsrA, and rtcBA, encoding a RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase [11].
  • With a mean follow-up of 10 months, there was no significant long-term complication.CONCLUSION: In summary, laparoscopic-assisted liver resection is a feasible and safe treatment option for various liver pathologies, such as RPC and primary and secondary liver tumors [12].
  • When the results of bile cultures of RPC patients, admitted to Queen Mary Hospital in 1973-74 and 1979-80, were analysed together with data obtained from the publication of previous investigators, a change in the bacteriology of the disease was noted [13].

Anatomical context of RTCD1


Associations of RTCD1 with chemical compounds

  • The purification procedure involved Triton X-114 extraction, DEAE-Sepharose ion-exchange chromatography and reverse-phase chromatography on a Resource RPC column [18].
  • The separation of the compounds in the crude extract of NA was performed by fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) on a Superdex 200 gel-filtration column and by reverse-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography (RPHPLC) on an micro RPC C2/C18 SC2.1/10 column connected to a SMART system [19].
  • The rhVEGF165 had a high affinity for heparin and this characteristic was used to purify this form to homogeneity by heparin affinity, Resource S and Resource RPC columns [20].
  • Cytosolic and nuclear progesterone receptor levels (RPC, RPN) were measured in normal and in pathological human endometria after single-dose progesterone injection 1-3 h before tissue collection (test subjects) and the results compared to those obtained in controls (no progesterone treatment) [15].
  • We have designed an efficient single step purification process using Resource RPC column in conjunction with triethyl amine/acetonitrile solvent system at similar pH at which the in vitro assembly of insulin is carried out from its two chains [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RTCD1

  • However, in this case ligation is preceded by an ATP-dependent conversion of the 3'-terminal phosphate to the 2',3' cyclic form by a novel activity, RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase [8].
  • Morbidity was greater after RPC with subsequent ileostomy closure (median hospital stay, 24 versus 11 days; complications, 60 versus 21 per cent; reoperation, 29 versus 3 per cent; return to normal activity; 31 versus 14 weeks) [4].
  • Further purification of TI-9 and CPI-9 was achieved by using reversed-phase HPLC on a PEP RPC column [22].
  • These are based on differences of proteins in size (size-exclusion chromatography, SEC), electrostatic interaction (ion-exchange chromatography, IEC), bioaffinity (bioaffinity chromatography, BAC) and hydrophobic interaction (reversed-phase chromatography, RPC, and hydrophobic-interaction chromatography, HIC) [23].
  • These peptides were then separated by RPC and further analyzed using ESI-MS/MS and MALDI-MS/MS [24].


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