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  • There was no significantly difference in plasma concentrations of beta TG and PF4 between patients with prosthetic heart valves and bioprostheses [11].
  • CONCLUSIONS: VEGF gene transfer by surgical suture can remarkably accelerate endothelialization of bioprosthesis, which may provide a new approach for inhibiting biological valve calcification and improve biocompatibility and long-term durability of the bioprosthesis [22].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that the Prima valve is a reliable stentless aortic bioprosthesis [23].
  • Elastin-associated degeneration and calcification are potential causes of long-term failure of glutaraldehyde (Glut) fixed tissue bioprostheses used in cardiovascular surgery [24].
  • Such a tubular tissue valve, the 3F Aortic Bioprosthesis (3F Therapeutics, Inc, Lake Forest, Calif) was designed and tested in vitro against a commercially available stentless aortic bioprosthesis [25].

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