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Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency

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Disease relevance of Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency


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Chemical compound and disease context of Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency

  • It was concluded that amlodipine has the potential to block hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction as evidenced by a drug concentration-related decrease in resting tricuspid regurgitation jet velocity without any change in resting myocardial contractility [10].
  • However, CAVT reduced the incidence of tricuspid regurgitation and attenuated the elevation in resting ANP secretion [11].
  • In the subgroup treated by digoxin as first-line therapy (n = 32), the interval to sinus rhythm restoration was also significantly higher in the presence of tricuspid regurgitation, with a slightly but not significantly lower reduction rate [12].
  • In the presence of significant tricuspid regurgitation, steroid-eluting active-fixation leads should be used routinely, and in patients with a tricuspid prosthesis, the use of a dedicated cardiac venous pacing system is likely to be the best option [13].
  • After injection of hand-agitated 5% glucose and sonicated albumin, trivial tricuspid regurgitation signals were enhanced in 25 of 28 patients (89%) [14].

Biological context of Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency


Anatomical context of Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency


Gene context of Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency


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