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Gene Review

USH1E  -  Usher syndrome 1E (autosomal recessive,...

Homo sapiens

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Associations of USH1E with chemical compounds

  • CONCLUSIONS: Severe acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity remains a serious condition, but the increasing use of N-acetylcysteine, advances in medical management, and the increasing availability of transplantation have resulted in a significant improvement in survival rates [30].
  • Letter: Severe renal dysfunction after tobramycin/cephalothin therapy [31].
  • BACKGROUND: Severe cardiac glycoside cardiotoxicity after ingestion of yellow oleander seeds is an important problem in rural areas of Sri Lanka. Currently, patients must be transferred to the capital for temporary cardiac pacing [32].
  • RESULTS: Severe acute and late mucosal and pharyngeal-related DLT required de-escalation of gemcitabine dose in successive patient cohorts receiving dose levels of 300 mg/m(2)/wk, 150 mg/m(2)/wk, and 50 mg/m(2)/wk [33].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Severe blood dyscrasias were uncommon in psychiatric patients given carbamazepine and were about as rare with valproate as with imipramine or desipramine [34].

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