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Chemical Compound Review

Amlodis     ethyl methyl2-(2- aminoethoxymethyl)-4-(2...

Synonyms: Amlocard, Amlopres, Coroval, Intervask, Lipinox, ...
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Disease relevance of Norvasc


Psychiatry related information on Norvasc


High impact information on Norvasc

  • In the patients who received amlodipine, treatment also lowered blood pressure but increased muscle sympathetic-nerve activity, from 41+/-19 to 56+/-14 bursts per minute (P=0.02) [11].
  • The possibility that amlodipine prolongs survival in patients with nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy requires further study [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Despite comparable levels of ischemia, amlodipine attenuated stunning when compared with ISMN [12].
  • At rest, systemic and pulmonary vascular resistance (dyne . s-1 . cm-5) increased with CHF compared with the normal control state (3102+/-251 versus 2156+/-66 and 1066+/-140 versus 253+/-24, respectively, both P<0.05) and were reduced with amlodipine treatment (2108+/-199 and 480+/-74, respectively, P<0.05) [13].
  • BACKGROUND: This study examined the effects of chronic amlodipine treatment on left ventricular (LV) pump function, systemic hemodynamics, neurohormonal status, and regional blood flow distribution in an animal model of congestive heart failure (CHF) both at rest and with treadmill exercise [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Norvasc


Biological context of Norvasc

  • Under ambient resting conditions, LV stroke volume (mL) was reduced with CHF compared with the normal control state (16+/-2 versus 31+/-2, P<0.05) and increased with concomitant amlodipine treatment (29+/-2, P<0.05) [13].
  • Thus, our study correlates an effect of amlodipine to lower intracellular calcium levels, by a mechanism not known at present, with its effect to inhibit HT-39 cell proliferation [15].
  • Insulin resistance decreased by using antihypertensive treatments with bunazosin, cilazapril, amlodipine, and benidipine in hypertensive subjects [18].
  • OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to test the predictive value of an oxidative stress biomarker in 634 patients from the Prospective Randomized Evaluation of the Vascular Effects of Norvasc Trial (PREVENT) [19].
  • Addition of the superoxide radical scavenger tempol restored the ability of bradykinin, enalaprilat, and amlodipine to suppress oxygen consumption in tissue from 23-mo-old animals to levels seen in younger animals, suggesting NO destruction by superoxide as the reason for decreased NO availability [20].

Anatomical context of Norvasc


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Gene context of Norvasc


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Norvasc


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