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Chemical Compound Review

CID6327012     bismuth; 2-hydroxybenzoic acid; hydrate

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Disease relevance of o-hydroxybenzoic acid


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Chemical compound and disease context of o-hydroxybenzoic acid


Biological context of o-hydroxybenzoic acid


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Gene context of o-hydroxybenzoic acid

  • RBC also may be substituted for bismuth subsalicylate and an + H2-receptor antagonist in standard bismuth-based triple therapy [29].
  • In ultrastructural studies 30-90 min after single oral doses of CBS or bismuth subsalicylate, CP had detached from the gastric epithelial cells and exhibited structural degradation associated with the selective deposition of a particulate bismuth complex within and upon the surface of the organisms [30].
  • Decreased guaiac test sensitivity was associated with activated charcoal, dimethylaminoethanol, red chile, N-acetylcysteine, rifampin, red Jell-O (General Foods Corp, White Plains, NY), orange juice, Pepto-Bismol (Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals, Norwich, NY), simethicone, spaghetti sauce, and several red wines [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of o-hydroxybenzoic acid


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