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Complement Fixation Tests

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Disease relevance of Complement Fixation Tests


High impact information on Complement Fixation Tests

  • Complement fixation tests with purified RLA antigens demonstrated antibody titer rises in seven children with RLA in their stools and in two mothers (one symptomatic) from whom acute and convalescent sera were available [6].
  • Tumors contained a T-antigen that reacted with BKV-specific T-antibody in immunofluorescence and complement-fixation tests [7].
  • When BHK cells infected with HVJ-PB were incubated at 38 C, production of infectious virus, hemagglutinin, and neuraminidase was markedly restrained, whereas a considerable amount of viral nucleocapisid and envelope antigens was detected in the cells by complement fixation tests [8].
  • Antibodies to the two components were identified separately in serially diluted samples both by radioimmune precipitation assays and by complement fixation tests employing purified nucleoprotein and M components as antigens [9].
  • The complement fixation test suggested the presence of a nonspecific weak antibody activity in the blood of retinitis pigmentosa patients as well as of controls [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Complement Fixation Tests


Biological context of Complement Fixation Tests


Anatomical context of Complement Fixation Tests


Associations of Complement Fixation Tests with chemical compounds

  • Antigen preparations CM, CS and the chromatographeal fractions F1, F2 and F3 were assayed in a complement-fixation test against brood-reacting antisera capable of detecting virus envelope antigen and gs antigen and against syngeneic antisera [21].
  • Ribavirin treatment was associated with significantly fewer fourfold or greater rises in antibody to influenza A viral antigen by the complement-fixation test, while rises in hemagglutination-inhibiting antibody titers occurred with equal frequency in both groups [22].
  • Of the ewes and goats with a vaccination history, one ewe, expectedly a negative responder, had reactions in the MAT, the complement fixation test, and the rose bengal test but not in the SAT, suggesting a lower sensitivity of the SAT in this case [23].
  • The FIAX was compared with the standard tube agglutination, Rivanol precipitation, and complement fixation tests, using 285 serum samples from vaccinated, challenged, or control cattle [24].
  • Comparative evaluation of commercial Premier EIA and microimmunodiffusion and complement fixation tests for Coccidioides immitis antibodies [25].

Gene context of Complement Fixation Tests

  • When the G protein is taken as antigen, the complement fixation test can be used for the assay of virus-neutralizing antibodies [26].
  • Complement fixation tests demonstrate that antiserum to bovine DBH has a 25,000-fold lower immunoreactivity with rat DBH than with bovine DBH [27].
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with CSP antigen under optimal conditions was from 100- to 700-fold more sensitive than the standard agglutination, card, Rivanol precipitation-plate agglutination, and the complement fixation tests in detecting immunoglobulin G antibody [28].
  • High IgG titres were noted in most (88-96%) of the patients by MOMP EIA and EIA kit, and in fewer patients (50%) by Re LPS EIA or complement fixation test [29].
  • Comparison between the COA Test and complement fixation test for the detection and typing of FMDV obtained from extracts of tongue epithelial tissues from infected cattle revealed high agreement in the results and indicated a potential application of the COA Test for the direct diagnosis of viruses [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Complement Fixation Tests


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