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Disease relevance of Isochromosomes

  • Because p53 abnormalities correlate with progressive and refractory disease in cancer and isochromosome 17q has been described in SLVL, a low-grade lymphoma that behaves aggressively in a minority of patients, this study investigated p53 changes by molecular and immunophenotypic methods in samples from 59 patients [1].
  • A new dicentric X isochromosome i(X)(pter to q2102 to pter) of similar size to a normal X is described in a girl with gonadal dysgenesis [2].
  • We confirmed that an isochromosome for 12p, i(12p), is the only consistent structural chromosomal abnormality in TGCT, present in about 70% of our cases [3].
  • This is the first report of an isochromosome X patient to develop endometrial cancer without receiving estrogen replacement [4].
  • The appearance of the face and digits is very similar to that observed in Pallister-Killian syndrome (mosaic isochromosome 12p), although the incidence of cleft palate, diaphragmatic hernia, and neonatal death is much lower in the latter condition [5].

High impact information on Isochromosomes

  • Isochromosome 9q in an infant exposed to ethanol prenatally [6].
  • These cells frequently become resistant to PALA through a mechanism that increases the aspartate transcarbamylase activity with no increase in CAD copy number, or they obtain one extra copy of CAD by forming an isochromosome 2p or by retaining an extra copy of chromosome 2 [7].
  • To test the centromere misdivision model of isochromosome formation, we have defined the breakpoints of cytogenetically monocentric and dicentric Xq isochromosomes (i(Xq)) from Turner syndrome probands, using FISH with cosmids and YACs derived from a contig spanning proximal Xp [8].
  • Isochromosomes for the long arm of chromosome 5 of the wheat B genome (5BL) were microdissected from first meiotic metaphase spreads of a monoisosomic 5BL line of the common wheat Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring. The dissected isochromosomes were amplified by degenerate oligonucleotide-primed PCR in a single tube reaction [9].
  • A molecular study of X isochromosomes: parental origin, centromeric structure, and mechanisms of formation [10].

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