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Gene Review

LDHB  -  lactate dehydrogenase B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HEL-S-281, L-lactate dehydrogenase B chain, LDH heart subunit, LDH-B, LDH-H, ...
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Disease relevance of LDHB


High impact information on LDHB

  • Physiological basis for swimming endurance differences between LDH-B genotypes of Fundulus heteroclitus [6].
  • At 25 degrees C there were no differences between LDH-B phenotypes in erythrocyte adenosine triphosphate levels, blood oxygen affinity, or swimming performance [6].
  • Since oxygen delivery to muscle affects swimming performance, fish of each homozygous LDH-B phenotype were swum to exhaustion at 10 degrees or 25 degrees C to determine whether in vitro differences attributed to the LDH-B allelic isozymes were manifest in vivo [6].
  • Adaptive variation in lactate dehydrogenase-B gene expression: role of a stress-responsive regulatory element [7].
  • To test the hypothesis that this element is involved in the variation between populations of F. heteroclitus, we exposed transiently transgenic fish containing Ldh-B regulatory sequence/reporter gene constructs to handling stress or injected cortisol [7].

Biological context of LDHB


Anatomical context of LDHB

  • LDHA and LDHB are expressed in most somatic tissues, while expression of LDHC is confined to the germinal epithelium of the testes [8].
  • In contrast, LDH-A and LDH-B were ubiquitously expressed in normal and tumor tissues, with LDH-B levels considerably lower and heterogeneous in normal samples compared to those expressed in tumor cell lines [13].
  • This interpretation was confirmed by a decreased concentration of the LDH-B subunit in lactate dehydrogenase isozymes of the patient's fibroblasts, consistent with his being hemizygous for the LDHB locus [14].
  • In lymphocyte cultures 9% of the cells had either no or two rings, but the patient's RBC had normal activities of the enzymes lactate dehydrogenase B and peptidase B, whose loci are located on the proximal portions of 12p and 12q, respectively [15].
  • Approximately one third of the Ldh-B proximal promoter contains interspersed regions that are functionally important: (1) they bind transcription factors in vivo, (2) they effect a change in transcription as assayed by transient transfection into two different fish cell lines, and (3) they bind purified transcription factors in vitro [16].

Associations of LDHB with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of LDHB


Regulatory relationships of LDHB

  • CONCLUSIONS: The somatic LDHA in R51 cells is transcriptionally silenced by promoter hypermethylation around exon a, leaving only LDHB to be expressed normally and a testis-specific variant transcript of LDHA containing exon 0 [22].
  • Contrary to this, in PBMC of NHL patients prior to therapy TNF-alpha induced a significant decrease ( p<0.05) of LDH-H isotype activity [23].

Other interactions of LDHB


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LDHB

  • The predicted sequence of 333 amino acid residues was confirmed by amino acid composition and/or sequence analyses of a total of 185 (56%) residues from tryptic peptides of human LDH-B protein [12].
  • These findings were indicative of a partial LDH-B subunit deficiency, which was confirmed in erythrocyte hemolysates by Western blotting [20].
  • Immunohistochemistry showed a higher frequency of LDHB expression in benign or non-malignant tissues, 59/ 73 (81%), compared to cancer cases, 3/53 (6%) (P < 0.001) [2].
  • In patients after administration of chemotherapy, TNF-alpha in a dose of 100 U/ml induced a significant increase ( p<0.05) of LDH-M isotype activity, but not of LDH-H [23].
  • Consistent with observed variation in Ldh-B transcription rate between populations, significant differences in reporter gene activity were driven by flanking regions from northern and southern populations both in cell culture and in vivo [27].


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