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Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active

 Chang,  Ernst,  St Hillaire,  Conant,  Chang,  Ernst,  Witt,  Ames,  Walot,  Jovicich,  DeSilva,  Trivedi,  Speck,  Miller,  Hoffmann,  Tiemann,  Schrader,  Janssen,  Wolf,  Vierbuchen,  Parwaresch,  Ernestus,  Plettenberg,  Stoehr,  Fatkenheuer,  Wyen,  Oette,  Horst,  Cossarizza,  Riva,  Pinti,  Ammannato,  Fedeli,  Mussini,  Esposito,  Galli,  Samet,  Horton,  Traphagen,  Lyon,  Freedberg,  Behrens,  Boerner,  Weber,  van den Hoff,  Ockenga,  Brabant,  Schmidt,  Malavaud,  Dinh,  Bonnet,  Izopet,  Payen,  Marchou,  Viganò,  Aldrovandi,  Giacomet,  Merlo,  Martelli,  Beretta,  Luraschi,  Rombolà,  Mora,  Burger,  Aarnoutse,  Dieleman,  Gyssens,  Nouwen,  de Marie,  Koopmans,  Stek,  van der Ende,  Nolan,  Chidlow,  French,  Marseille,  Hofmann,  Kahn,  Davey,  Bhat,  Yoder,  Chun,  Metcalf,  Dewar,  Natarajan,  Lempicki,  Adelsberger,  Miller,  Kovacs,  Polis,  Walker,  Falloon,  Masur,  Gee,  Baseler,  Dimitrov,  Fauci,  Lane,  Jacobson,  Zegans,  Pavan,  O'Donnell,  Sattler,  Rao,  Owens,  Pollard,  Young,  Weber,  Rickenbach,  Furrer,  Bernasconi,  Hirschel,  Tarr,  Vernazza,  Battegay,  Bucher,  Chun,  Engel,  Mizell,  Hallahan,  Fischette,  Park,  Davey,  Dybul,  Kovacs,  Metcalf,  Mican,  Berrey,  Corey,  Lane,  Fauci,  Zaccarelli,  Perno,  Forbici,  Cingolani,  Liuzzi,  Bertoli,  Trotta,  Bellocchi,  Di Giambenedetto,  Tozzi,  Gori,  D'Arrigo,  De Longis,  Noto,  Girardi,  De Luca,  Antinori,  Domingo,  Sambeat,  Pérez,  Ordoñez,  Rodriguez,  Vázquez,  
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Gene context of Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active

  • Zidovudine-based HAART recipients (n=7) also displayed significant mtDNA depletion (34.45% of control, P=0.031), increased mitochondrial protein mass (5.7-fold of control, P=0.009), and markedly increased UCP1 (18-fold of control, P=0.009) mRNA [22].
  • Involvement of Bcl-2 and IL-2R in HIV-positive patients whose CD4 cell counts fail to increase rapidly with highly active antiretroviral therapy [35].
  • This analysis was repeated after one cycle of HAART + IL-2, after virus rebound [36].
  • Increased CCR-3 expression and spontaneous IFN-gamma as well as mitogenic induced IL-13 were observed at baseline and decreased slightly under HAART [37].
  • Decreased CD14/CD69 levels may reflect changes in some aspects of the pathophysiology of brain injury in the era of HAART [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active


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