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Skin Manifestations

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  • The possible linkage heterogeneity suggests genetic differences between intestinal and skin manifestations, and the gender dependent effect of HLA DQ2 [8].
  • There were also significant differences between the years with and without chloroquine therapy 500 mg per day (the only regimen for which adequate data were available for analysis) in terms of general symptoms and skin manifestations (p less than 0.05) [9].
  • Cutaneous and subcutaneous blood flow (CBF, SBF) were studied in non-lesional psoriatic skin (NLS) of 10 patients with only minimal psoriatic skin manifestations, using the local 133Xe washout method [10].
  • However, it supports the anti-P association with different skin manifestations as well as the presence of anticardiolipin in a subset of patients with SLE characterized by early disease onset [11].
  • Atopic dermatitis--the skin manifestation of atopy [12].

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