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Disease relevance of Duodenitis


High impact information on Duodenitis

  • Neither cimetidine nor cigarette smoking nor ulcer healing appeared substantially to affect duodenitis and fixed deformity [6].
  • No correlation was found between the peak acid output (PAO) in response to Histalog and the severity of the gastritis or the duodenitis either before or after operation, with one exception [7].
  • AIM: To compare the efficacy of either omeprazole or ranitidine in a second-line quadruple regimen in patients with duodenal ulcer or erosive duodenitis [8].
  • Similarly, the absence of CMV and HSV DNA in CD, active peptic disease in adults, and active duodenitis in children suggests that neither virus is involved in the persistence of these inflammatory conditions [9].
  • The 4/15 H. pylori-positive patients (all of whom had associated gastritis/duodenitis) who failed antisecretory therapy responded clinically to treatment with amoxicillin plus bismuth subsalicylate [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Duodenitis

  • Treatment with cimetidine reduced both the severity of duodenitis and the mean crypt LI [11].
  • Double-blind trial of pirenzepine versus sucralfate in the treatment of endoscopic duodenitis [12].
  • Duodenitis and secretion of O-acetylated sialomucin variants [13].
  • In the 6 children with mild gastritis, mean sucrose excretion was twice that of controls (0.060 +/- 0.024 vs. 0.029 +/- 0.018, respectively; p = 0.019) and significantly higher than the group with duodenitis (0.037 +/- 0.013; p = 0.038) [14].
  • Effects of milk, prostaglandin, and antacid on experimentally induced duodenitis in the rat. Use of myeloperoxidase as an index of inflammation [15].

Biological context of Duodenitis


Anatomical context of Duodenitis


Gene context of Duodenitis

  • The inclusion of PCNA index, which is easily measured in paraffin-embedded sections, in the existing histopathological grading systems of duodenitis may improve their clinical relevance [20].
  • Acid secretory behavior as well as gastrin levels were evaluated in 38 cases of chronic duodenitis [21].
  • BACKGROUND: Duodenal gastric metaplasia is rarely reported in untreated celiac disease, although it is seen in 60% to 100% of duodenal biopsy specimens in nonceliac patients with histologic duodenitis [22].
  • Endoscopic studies showed that ZAC reduced the inflammatory processes (gastritis and duodenitis) associated with ulcer healing [23].
  • Many of the African-American patients are recent immigrants from the Caribbean Islands. In these patients, an inverse relationship was observed between HP infection and the number of years living in the United States. Higher levels of HP infection were observed in patients with duodenitis and peptic ulcer disease [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Duodenitis

  • Ulcerative duodenitis with luminal constriction in two horses [25].
  • Congo red test was positive in 13 cases, with 9 of these showing evidence of incomplete vagotomy manifesting as erosions, duodenitis, stomal ulceration or ulcer recurrence [26].
  • Duodenal mucosal biopsy was done in both groups and histological confirmation of duodenitis was noted in 9 of the group A and in 10 of group B. Endoscopy after short-term cimetidine treatment in group A patients revealed ulcer healing in 87.5 percent and improvement of duodenitis in 50 percent [27].


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