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Breath Tests

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Disease relevance of Breath Tests


Psychiatry related information on Breath Tests


High impact information on Breath Tests

  • A carbon-13 urea breath test was performed at base line and repeated at 1 and 12 months, and endoscopic biopsy was performed at 12 months to determine H. pylori status [11].
  • We investigated the sucrose-splitting effect of viable yeast cells in eight children with congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency, by means of the sucrose hydrogen breath test [12].
  • Letter: H2 breath test for lactase deficiency [13].
  • Bile acid metabolism was also characterized by the breath test for deconjugation using carbon dioxide labeled with radioactive carbon 14 [14].
  • Before and after receiving grapefruit juice, small bowel and colon mucosal biopsies were obtained endoscopically, oral felodipine kinetics were determined, and liver CYP3A4 activity was measured with the [14C N-methyl] erythromycin breath test in each subject [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Breath Tests


Biological context of Breath Tests


Anatomical context of Breath Tests


Associations of Breath Tests with chemical compounds

  • We conclude that the erythromycin breath test provides a convenient assay of P-450IIIA cytochromes in rats and in some patients [31].
  • Unlike in Europe, the U.S. standard is to use double diagnostics to prove eradication rather than just the urea breath test and to use intent-to-treat rather than assessable patient analyses [32].
  • Letter: Use of aminopyrine in breath tests [33].
  • Lactulose hydrogen breath test in the diagnosis of bacterial overgrowth [34].
  • Based on values in controls, a positive breath test was defined as an increase in breath H2 of greater than or equal to 12 ppm after glucose or greater than or equal to 14 ppm after rice flour [35].

Gene context of Breath Tests


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Breath Tests


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