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Disease relevance of Odontogenesis


High impact information on Odontogenesis

  • Here we have identified Pax9 as a marker for prospective tooth mesenchyme prior to the first morphological manifestation of odontogenesis [2].
  • Thus, the cleidocranial bone formation, as mediated by intramembranous ossification, may require a higher level of RUNX2 than does skeletogenesis (mediated by endochondral ossification), as well as odontogenesis (involving still different complex processes) [3].
  • These results show that, although latent, the early signaling pathways involved in odontogenesis remain inducible in Aves and suggest that loss of odontogenic Bmp4 expression may be responsible for the early arrest of tooth development in living birds [4].
  • Although previous studies have shown E-cadherin expression during rodent or human odontogenesis, there is no equivalent study available on N-cadherin expression in dental tissues [5].
  • To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the spatiotemporal expression of the amelogenin gene during odontogenesis, the mouse amelogenin promoter was systematically analyzed in mouse ameloblast-like LS8 cells [6].

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