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Epidermal Cyst

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Disease relevance of Epidermal Cyst


High impact information on Epidermal Cyst

  • Here we report that conditionally disrupting the mouse RBP-J gene in a mosaic pattern to avoid embryonic lethality of RBP-J-deficiency caused hair loss, epidermal hyperkeratinization, and epidermal cyst formation [6].
  • However, when human dermal fibroblasts were incorporated into DED, the number of epidermal cysts formed by wild-type ES cells increased dramatically, and small groups of keratin 14-positive cells differentiated from beta(1)-null ES cells [7].
  • This model can explain the altered organization of extracellular lamellae in epidermal cysts (P. W. Wertz, D. C. Swartzendruber, K. C. Madison, D. T. Downing. 1987. J. Invest. Dermatol. 89:419-425) where the ester-linked chains have a higher percentage of saturated fatty acids than found in normal epidermis [8].
  • Fibronectin, which is abundant in the matrix adjacent to the epidermal cysts and in the surrounding stroma during cyst organization and maturation, diminishes to undetectable levels by 5 weeks [9].
  • Gardner syndrome is more of a historical subdivision of FAP, characterized by osteomas, dental anomalies, epidermal cysts, and soft tissue tumors [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Epidermal Cyst


Biological context of Epidermal Cyst


Anatomical context of Epidermal Cyst

  • Here, we have investigated the expression of beta-catenin in relation to markers for proliferation, differentiation and Wnt signaling during the development of three hair follicle related structures, i.e. whiskers, normal body hair and the preputial gland, and a hair follicle-derived tumor, the epidermal cyst [19].
  • In 7 patients with epidermoid cyst, lactate along with an unassigned resonance at 1.8 ppm was observed and could be easily differentiated from arachnoid cysts (n = 2), which showed only minimal lactate [20].
  • In conclusion, we failed to identify obvious germline candidate mutations in > 8500 bp of the coding region of the APC gene in a patient with multiple epidermal cysts, osteomas and a thyroid gland nodule; major chromosomal deletions were excluded [21].
  • A Masson's Fontana stain and immunohistochemistry for S-100 protein and HMB 45 was performed for localization of melanin and melanocytes within the epidermal cysts [22].
  • Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a 5-cm multi-lobulated extra axial mass compatible with an epidermoid cyst, arising from the left temporal lobe associated with shift of the midline structures and compression of the brainstem [23].

Gene context of Epidermal Cyst


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Epidermal Cyst


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