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Stomatitis, Aphthous

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Gene context of Stomatitis, Aphthous

  • Recurrent aphthous stomatitis and gene polymorphisms for the inflammatory markers TNF-alpha, TNF-beta and the vitamin D receptor: no association detected [21].
  • In particular, patients with oral aphthous ulcers (n = 51, 34 pg/ml) and neurological features (n = 4, 71 pg/ml) exhibited increased IL-8 levels [22].
  • The levels of IL-4, IL-10 and IL-13 were found to be high in active BD patients, and IL-12 and interferon-gamma levels were lower in active BD patients than in inactive BD, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, and control patients [23].
  • In this study, we investigated the levels of interleukin (IL)-4, IL-10, IL-12, IL-13 and interferon-g in the sera of patients with BD, in comparison with recurrent aphthous stomatitis and healthy controls, to determine the Th1/Th2 profile of the disease [23].
  • No deviations of HLA-A and -B antigens in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stomatitis, Aphthous


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