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Disease relevance of Nephrology


Psychiatry related information on Nephrology


High impact information on Nephrology


Chemical compound and disease context of Nephrology


Biological context of Nephrology

  • Recent advances in developmental nephrology have provided new evidence that retinoids, vitamin A and its active metabolites such as all-trans retinoic acid, profoundly influence renal organogenesis [17].
  • This review outlines some strategies in the study of adrenergic and dopamine receptors using molecular biology techniques and how they relate to investigations in developmental nephrology [18].
  • The microorganisms analyzed originated primarily from the urine samples of patients hospitalized at the Department of Urology (41.8%), the Department of Neurology (11.9%) and the Department of Internal Medicine and Nephrology (9.9%) [19].
  • Perhaps more significantly, in the context of preventive nephrology, is the observation that the intercept of the regression line with blood pressure was below the level conventionally regarded as hypertensive, suggesting that nephron damage may have occurred at this lower level [20].
  • In this review, we will mainly describe the role of integrins in regulating cell motility and discuss some new paradigms in integrin biology that may impact upon nephrology with respect to renal development and renal functions during both physiological and pathological events [21].

Associations of Nephrology with chemical compounds

  • METHODS: Initial and subsequent steroid responsiveness was evaluated in all children aged 1 to 18 years who presented with newly diagnosed NS to the 2 pediatric nephrology referral centers in southeastern Louisiana between 1994 and 2003 [22].
  • METHODS: In all, 668 kidney transplant recipient followed at our Nephrology Unit from 1970 to 2003 entered this retrospective analysis; 300 were on CsA Sandimmune-based and 308 on CsA Neoral-based therapy [23].
  • Serial measurements of GFR in infants using the continuous iothalamate infusion technique. Southwest Pediatric Nephrology Study Group (SPNSG) [24].
  • Nephrology across the Atlantic: American election results indicate lurch to the right [25].
  • Aluminium accumulation is still an important problem in clinical nephrology [26].

Gene context of Nephrology

  • METHODS AND RESULTS: Thirteen families carrying 17 different mutations in the LCAT gene were identified by Lipid Clinics and Departments of Nephrology throughout Italy [27].
  • A single centre study demonstrated that inclusion in a multidisciplinary CKD clinic programme produced the greatest increases in time to renal replacement therapy, haemoglobin levels, and epoetin treatment usage at initiation of dialysis in comparison with standard nephrology care or no care [28].
  • Cyclins and the cyclin-kinase system--their potential roles in nephrology [29].
  • In the context of developmental nephrology, gremlin warrants special mention [30].
  • The ideal course of action for this novel therapy is for nephrology nurses and renal dietitians to use a team approach in the management of secondary HPT [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nephrology

  • Iliac crest biopsies from 38 uremic patients, 26 hemodialysis, and 12 chronic uremics from a nephrology department with verified aluminium free dialysis water were investigated with histomorphometric method and aluminium-specific staining [32].
  • This report describes a 23-year experience with renal transplantation in infants, children, and adolescents at the Children's Renal Center of the Division of Pediatric Nephrology at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston [33].


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