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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL1256808     1-[2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-[3- (4...

Synonyms: SureCN1920184, S7809_SIGMA, SKF-96365, AK-57391, CTK8E8882, ...
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Disease relevance of AIDS035999


High impact information on AIDS035999

  • The CyaA-mediated [Ca(2+)](i) increase in CD11b(+) J774A.1 monocytes was inhibited by extracellular La(3+) ions but not by nifedipine, SK&F 96365, flunarizine, 2-aminoethyl diphenylborinate, or thapsigargin, suggesting that influx of Ca(2+) into cells was not because of receptor signaling or opening of conventional calcium channels by cAMP [5].
  • Bikunin showed no additive effect on SK&F 96365-mediated suppression of TGF-beta1 expression [6].
  • The oscillation was coupled to the electrical activity corresponding to slow waves, and it depended on Ca(2+) influx through a non-selective cation channel, which was SK&F 96365-sensitive and store-operated [7].
  • As an independent verification of specificity, a marked reduction in MMP-2 gelatinase activity by zymogram was shown after treatment of A2058 cells with SK&F 96365, an unrelated inhibitor of receptor-operated calcium influx [8].
  • Consistent with this, we also showed that the BCR-mediated cyclin D2 induction could be abolished by pretreatment of resting B cells with specific inhibitors of capacitative Ca(2+) entry (SK&F 96365) or PKC (Gö6850) [9].

Biological context of AIDS035999

  • This suggests that the cell cycle block induced by SK&F 96365 is not directly related to its action as an inhibitor of receptor-mediated calcium entry [10].
  • Our findings indicate that SK&F 96365, in addition to its ability to inhibit receptor-triggered Ca2+ influx, offers a new method for imposing a reversible mitosis arrest in hematopoietic cell lines [10].
  • However, SK&F 96365 is not as potent (IC50 around 10 microM) or selective (also inhibits voltage-gated Ca2+ entry) as would be desirable, so caution must be exercised when using this compound [11].
  • There were differences in the effectiveness of lectins to activate cation entry and of SK&F 96365, Gd3+, and modulators of protein phosphorylation to block entry [12].
  • SK&F 96365 and removal of extracellular Ca2+ and Na+ partially inhibited exocytosis [12].

Anatomical context of AIDS035999

  • The effect of SK&F 96365 (1-(beta-[3-(4-methoxyphenyl)propoxyl]-4- methoxyphenethyl)-1H-imidazole hydrochloride), a recently synthesized inhibitor of receptor-mediated calcium entry, was investigated on human hematopoietic cell lines [10].
  • We found that treatment of the T-cell leukemia line Jurkat with SK&F 96365 inhibited the Ca2+ influx triggered by antibodies against the CD3/TCR complex, while the inositol trisphosphate-dependent Ca2+ release from intracellular stores remained intact [10].
  • Similar effects of SK&F 96365 were observed in suspensions of neutrophils and in single endothelial cells [11].
  • Our data show the following: (1) ConA and MLI activate monovalent and divalent cation entry in human neutrophils by a SK&F 96365- and Gd3+-sensitive pathway, presumably nonselective cation channels [12].
  • Voltage-gated Ca2+ entry in fura-2-loaded GH3 (pituitary) cells and rabbit ear-artery smooth-muscle cells held under voltage-clamp was also inhibited by SK&F 96365; however, the ATP-gated Ca2(+)-permeable channel of rabbit ear-artery smooth-muscle cells was unaffected by SK&F 96365 [11].

Associations of AIDS035999 with other chemical compounds

  • LOE 908, but not SK&F 96365, inhibited ET-1-induced AA release in wortmannin-treated CHO-ETAR [13].
  • In the absence of added extracellular Ca(2+), 2-APB, Gd(3+) and SK&F 96365 did not alter the kinetics of the increase in [Ca(2+)](cyt) induced by a concentration of adrenaline or vasopressin that induces continuous Ca(2+) oscillations at the physiological extracellular Ca(2+) concentration [14].
  • 1. Multiple effects of the imidazole compound SK&F 96365 have been evaluated on endothelial cells from human umbilical vein using a combined patch clamp and Ca(2+)-microfluorimetric technique (Fura-2) [15].
  • We thus conclude that LTC(4) induces the contraction of the guinea-pig taenia coli mainly through Ca(2+) influx via both the diltiazem-sensitive and SK&F 96365-sensitive Ca(2+) channels, without affecting either the Ca(2+)-sensitivity or the intracellular Ca(2+) release [16].
  • 1. The proposed blocker of receptor-operated calcium channels, SK&F 96365 was shown to inhibit formation of prostaglandin E2 in two osteoblast-like cell lines, MC3T3-E1 and UMR-106 in a dose-dependent manner at an IC50 of 3-4 microM [17].

Gene context of AIDS035999


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AIDS035999

  • The inhibition of [3H]-thymidine incorporation by SK&F 96365 occurred in the same concentration range (IC50: approximately 4 microM) as the blockade of capacitative Ca2+ entry in the E3 retinal organ culture [23].
  • Calmodulin discriminates between the two enantiomers of the receptor-operated calcium channel blocker SK&F 96365: a study using 1H-NMR and chiral HPLC [24].


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